Dear Child(ren),

Change is hard even when it is a no-brainer kind of decision. Well, I’ve made one of those decisions recently and I am so excited!

I’m still not quite ready to publicly announce what this choice is but, let me tell you, it already feels like the right choice.

I can see where the hard parts will be ahead for both your mom and I but I have been able to see what life can be like after that. It’s a decision that is going to fill all of our lives with happiness and adventure. It’s something that will allow me to move on from the pain and bitterness and anger I’ve felt for so long to something better. Something happier.

It’s always hard to change and move on from things that have come to define you. It’s hard to look in the mirror one day and, instead of thinking about all of the pain and anger below the surface, decide it’s time to turn it all around. It’s time to do the real repairs your heart needs and move on.

I’m letting go of anger and bitterness to the pain of my past. Good or bad it moulded me into the man I am today and provided the stepping stones I need to be the man I will continue to grow into. I won’t be perfectly happy yet, I need to work on some things still, but I’ll look forward instead of looking back.

It’s hard to close a chapter in your life for good but it’s also such a good, healthy thing.

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow’s just a dream away. 

Love you always,



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