Dear Child(ren),

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, it’s probably not Halloween when you’re reading this. I bet it’s July, you seem like July readers.

Yeah, so today is Halloween. It’s a holiday I am truly hoping to make special for you…frankly, for me and your mom too. I hope someday I am able to really get my act together with it and give you so many good memories.

Right now in my life, however, all I can think about it Christmas.

You know this about me. If I can guarantee any two things in this world that you will know about me it’s my affinity for all things Disney and my absolute obsession with Christmas. I don’t worry that I’m going to make Christmas special for you because it’s always my time of the year to shine.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a couple of weeks now in a really extensive manner. I’ve tried to hold back on my excitement because I know that getting ready for Christmas any time before Halloween is a bit silly. I mean, I know that people think this. For a large part that’s why I try to contain my enthusiasm; because I know other people don’t appreciate it.

I don’t get offended by it (not for the most part) because I understand why I am the way I am and why others aren’t necessarily the same. You may even be the same way in not understanding why I make Christmas such a huge deal.

I think if I explain maybe people will understand better.

I didn’t get Halloween. I didn’t get the decorations and the costumes and the trick or treating, I didn’t get to do pumpkin carving most years. I got candy, sure. Maybe even a Halloweenesque movie for a couple of years out of my childhood. Other than that, I did not get a Halloween in the same way others did. I wasn’t that upset about it growing up because you can’t really miss what you never had, but as I’ve grown up and started to appreciate just how fun the holiday can be I’ve started to really regret the fact that I didn’t get the same kind of experiences on Halloween that all the other kids I knew got to have.

Now, I care more about making Halloween a big deal because I want to make up for lost time. I haven’t had a year yet where Halloween has been any sort of big deal because it’s a struggle for me to give it a place in my heart that it never had.

Christmas is a much different holiday for me.

All of the Christmases I can remember from my childhood come with a lot of traditions I loved and a lot of joy. Despite a lot of the bad memories I have growing up, Christmas remains untainted for me. It remains, truly, the most wonderful time of year.

I remember decorating the tree and helping put up the Christmas lights. I remember hot chocolates and Christmas movies. I remember decorating gingerbread men. I remember driving around and looking at all of the different Christmas lights people had set up.

I remember so many things with so much fondness when it comes to Christmas. It’s the standout memories I have that account for a lot of the good in me.

Christmas is a big deal to me because there has been a lot of pain in my life. There have been a lot of bad memories and sad times. Christmas has never been one of them. I have always been happy at Christmas.

It can be hard for people to understand because they had Halloween and they have lots of good memories of other times of the year. Christmas may be special but not to the level of anticipating it all year.

Every year at Christmas I get to be me. I get to be me 365, but at Christmas all of the joy in my heart and love for magic and fun is appreciated. I am able to let all of those good memories form into something real and maybe it makes somebody else smile or gives them an idea for their own Christmas. I get to spread Christmas cheer and help brighten peoples Christmas spirits.

I’m not trying to say I love Christmas because it allows me to be charitable to others, that would just be me trying to boost my own ego. I love Christmas because my Christmas Spirit is the spirit of my childhood innocence and wonderment, it’s the part of me that remains completely pure and safe. It’s the part of my heart that is free of cynicism and bitterness and leaves room for happiness and good fun.

People think I’m crazy because I get excited for Christmas before Halloween and that’s just fine with me. I get to hold on to some of the best times in my life and remember, if only for one moment, that there is so much hope in this world if we only seek it out.

I hope to make all of your Christmases magical and special and give you traditions that others will find utterly ridiculous because that’s a part of the fun.

Love you always,



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