The Legend

Dear Child(ren),

How does a person become a legend?

How did Walt Disney become everything we know him to be today: a man who basically created the animation medium as it is today but also someone who changed the landscape of entertainment and believing in magic and dreams?

Reading a biography we see the man before the legend with all of his roadblocks and slip ups but, as the reader, we know that every mistake he made only leads him to being the legend we know him as today. Walt Disney had an eternal optimism. Even when he failed or someone came along and cheated him he believed that only better things lay ahead.

As a reader we know that this optimism is rightfully felt. Yet, at the time did Walt truly know that better opportunities were ahead? Did he know that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit being taken from him would lead to an empire and an even more beloved character?

Of course he didn’t. In this lies the truth about what it takes to be a legend. You don’t know you will be a legend. You don’t know the extent of greatness that lies ahead. Those who we remember that have stood the test of time didn’t go into their fields with the belief that they would change the landscape of the world. They were people who had a passion that burned deep inside of them and they let nothing hold them back from feeding that fire. Every roadblock, every failure was only a lesson to be learned and a curve in the path. It was just an opportunity to do things better and to learn from the mistakes.

Most people want to be remembered for doing something great but only a select few can stand the test of time. I know that I want to be great, I want to change the landscape of the world, I want to be consumed by a passion for something and to chase that dream until I make something of it.

Right now, what my passion is has yet to be revealed but I am more than optimistic that I will discover it and that I will be driven by it.

Don’t be someone who chases everything in hopes of being great, discover what it is that keeps you up at night and makes you willing to take any risks and chase that dream. Be someone that you can be proud of and maybe you will be remembered as a legend and maybe you won’t, but you will at the very least be able to find pride in yourself for all of your days.

Love you always,


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