Father’s Day

Dear Child(ren),
Happy Father’s Day to me!!

Well I mean really at time of writing this I am not even close to being a father…other than all the Dad jokes I tell. When you read this though I will be so that counts for something!

On the subject of Father’s lets talk about what makes a good one. I know that matching any single man to my example is just too much pressure for anyone so let’s set the bar a little lower.

What does make a good Dad? Anyone can ‘father’ a child. That part for men specifically is quite simple. Not only is our part minor we also don’t physically have any physical obligation. We don’t have to walk around with a baby inside us for 9 months and then go through labour and child birth. Our part takes as little as 10 seconds before we can walk away never to be heard of again.

Fathering a child is not the same as being a Dad, the difference is actually staggering.

A father is just a man who was part of a process, a Dad is someone who has made a complete commitment to the life of a child. Their sole purpose in life is to ensure the betterment of you even at the cost of what is best for themselves. They love without conditions or strings and expectations.

A father is a man who knew your mother, a Dad is someone you can open up to and trust to be there when it matters most. A Dad is someone who will spend the rest of their life worrying about whether or not you are happy and healthy. A Dad is someone who cares about absolutely everything that is important to you only because it matters to you and that means something to him.

A Dad is someone who, no matter how hard things get in their own life, is always making you their priority because they know in their heart that caring for you and being a part of your life is not an obligation or a right, it is a privilege and it is earned.

A Father is someone who you share blood with, a Dad is someone you share your heart and life with.

To all the Dads out their, be you blood or not, have a happy day filled with love and laughter.

To my Child(ren), I love you so much and I am so proud to call myself your Dad.

Love you always,


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