Putting Others First

Dear Child(ren),

Today we’re going to learn about dreams.

I know! You’ve been waiting for me to talk about this for a while now, how could your own father not even bother to mention dreams and the pursuit of them? For shame…

Obviously I know I’ve talked about this before. I’ve talked about the importance of having dreams and letting nothing stand in the way.

Here’s the part that I didn’t talk about; the importance of others dreams.

Now being a perpetual optimist is going to benefit yourself greatly. It will allow you to always see hope in a situation where, to others, it would seem there is none. When your dreams seem a million miles away or some obstacle pops up you’ll be able to dismiss it and see the light and find some level of silver-lining.

Others can’t do this. To you, it may be hard to understand. You’ll wonder why people don’t just shake off the dust, pick themselves up and start all over again.

For them, it’s just not that easy. Defeat is crushing and to them being pessimistic is just being realistic and grounding themselves. They don’t want to soar for fear of flying. This doesn’t make us better than them or more likely to succeed, it just means that we are less willing to allow defeat to beat us or to give up.

You are a dreamer, if you’re not then I hope I can fix that, and you will always be able to find hope. The greatest gift you can give someone is applying that belief to them. When someone can’t believe in themselves or feel like their dreams are a thousand miles away, you can change everything by giving them your confidence and supporting them in every way you can. You can take your optimism and your ability to believe in dreams and find a way to make their dreams a reality. When someone gives up on themselves you can keep believing and pushing and supporting in every way to get them back on track. This is such a wonderful thing and when they finally get there it won’t just be them that are happy but you as well.

In life it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own dreams and the journey that gets us there, so easy that we often fail to remember that the people we love have dreams as well that they may be struggling with and that they may need us to achieve. Always try to find a way to help others. Passion is a terrible thing to be wasted, it must be nurtured into a lifestyle that can benefit not only the person who is passionate but countless others around them.

Put someone else before yourself every now and then. Remember that your dreams can an will always be there but someone who is struggling around you could benefit from the strength you have and that light that you emit. You never know just how much of a difference you can make until you try.

The world is a beautiful place with dreamers in it and it is a wonderful gift to be able to dream for others and not only ourselves.


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