Santa Claus

Dear Child(ren),

I have this idea for an awesome company that will never be made. I know what you’re thinking, “what a great way to start a story!” Don’t you sass me; clearly I’m going to arrive at a point.

Moving right along…this company would be called Santa Claus. Yes, I am well aware that ever getting the right to own a company with the name Santa Claus is absolutely ludicrous (one of a hundred other reasons this company would never take off). To be clear with the name though, it would not be “The Santa Claus Corporation” or “Santa Claus Incorporated”, it would simply be Santa Claus. Why, your eager minds are wondering? Adding Inc. or Co. at the end of the company name would alleviate some degree of the magic and make it seem too much like a corporation and less of what I’d want it to be; a company that makes dreams come true.

Hold the phone Dad; you want to be the next Walt Disney? If I said yes could you honestly call me crazy? By now you know full well my love for Disney, the man and the company, and all things it stands for. You know that I am a dreamer that loves magic and fantasy. Your mother is much the same. We have, no doubt, tried to raise you in a way that would allow you to dream big and have the wildest fantasies and let your imagination soar. You probably have a deep love for Disney yourself, if you don’t stop reading because you are clearly not my child. I don’t know you and your name has been stricken from my will.

Sorry, I’m easily side-tracked. The idea of being the next Walt Disney, creating the next company that is synonymous with dreams and magic is not just my craziness (though it does probably share a part). There are a great number of entrepreneurs out there looking for the next idea that will explode into a company of that proportion. The difference between men and women like them and me is that I don’t care about the money. Truly I don’t, I understand a lot of people say they don’t and yet still make their products unreasonably expensive or spend most of their resources on marketing and attempting to boost sales versus finding new ways to make magic. The idea of being the next Walt Disney, for me, is not about being the man whose name is loved worldwide because of his contributions to the world. I’m quite happy to remain invisible. I love the idea of this company because I can think of a million different things I can do to make adults feel like kids again and to add to the magic of Christmas for kids worldwide. I can think of so many ways that I can make this company something extremely special for parents and kids who don’t have the means to do a lot around the holidays and feel like it is just something they don’t get to enjoy as much as other members of the community.

I’m not a saint, I make no claims of that, but I love the idea of making people happy and being able to make Christmas, something that is just filled with joy and magic for me, mean the same to others.

On to the company! I am aware that, though I am writing these letters to you, my darling little one(s), others can read this and I risk the possibility that someone out there will read my idea for this company and they will think it’s something special and they will find a way to make it real and I will have to sit by and watch as my idea turns someone into the worlds next Walt. My response to this is…hm…good point. Ah well! Have at it! If there is something of value here and if this company can be made in the way that I have dreamed it than, by all means, create it! I’d rather live in a world with people just as eager to make the impossible possible and the fantasy reality than not. I just hope that, if this ever comes to pass, whoever creates it has the same passion and ambition for what is truly important here as I do. It is not about the money or the fame; it is simply about putting a smile on kids’ faces and making the old feel young again.

Back to you, my child(ren), and the company that I have babbled on about and yet given very little details.

I’m realizing now the danger of you reading this too young and having a very special part of Christmas ruined…and then I realized your mom and I control every single thing you do like tyrants so it will be easy to hold you off from seeing this until you are the appropriate age. HA! Anyway…the idea is based off a thought I had that I am sure countless other children who have found the truth about Santa out have had, “Why isn’t there someone out there who has even attempted to be some version of Santa?” I’m sure if I looked into it I could find different stories of people that have acted in a Santa manner but why hasn’t somebody tried to make the idea of “the North Pole” and “Santa’s Elves” and the whole concept of Christmas REAL? Of course there are parts I understand, the part of Christmas where Santa enters the home and puts presents under the tree would pose a serious concern for citizens globally. Also, one man delivering presents around the world in a single night is impossible. Okay, so I’m not saying EVERY facet needs to be true. There are work arounds for everything though. Parents don’t want someone breaking and entering? Fair. Why not set up an outdoor tree area for the members of Santa Claus to place presents or, to protect from nasty weather, some kind of Christmas box where the presents can be donated? Again, I am aware there are problems, the Grinch coming down from Mt. Crumpet to steal said presents. I am just trying to say there are solutions for the improbable and nothing is impossible.

Santa Claus (the company) would essentially BE Santa Claus (the man). The company locations could be officially titled “The North Pole” where letters written by children can be sent, individually read, and responded to personally, maybe even with a video response from Santa himself to make it feel even more magical for kids. Not only would those letters be responded to but the parents could include a letter themselves or fill out a form indicating items listed in the child’s letters that they plan on buying themselves or have family members buying or items they just wouldn’t feel comfortable with their child owning and the company could then have a few of the allowable items wrapped and delivered on Christmas Eve. I know how insane this idea is because, what I’m basically suggesting, is that this would be a company that BUYS presents for kids without a single penny from the parents. Not really a whole lot of profit there. Well, what if the company was a charitable one? Parents that do have money can pay for the item of their choosing as well as whatever services that are rendered (other than the letter responses, those would be free to all children) and money can be received through donations so that the parents who are not so well-to-do can indicate as much and the company can be their Christmas Miracle.

I’ve thought of a million different ideas to go hand-in-hand with this one but I’m very scattered with the whole thing. I know I’ll never be the one to make anything like this take off but if someone ever did, man what a world that would be.

Until then, I’ll have to enjoy the magic of Disney and trying to make dreams come true in any way I can.

Love you always!



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